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Here we are in April already! In March I had a solo exhibition of my prints at Yukon Artists at Work in Whitehorse. 'Unframed' featured prints that were originally black and white, hand coloured and painted and mounted onto materials such as canvas and cradle panels. It was an opportunity to present work that didn't adhere to the traditions of printmaking but instead, allowed me to explore turning the into mixed medium pieces. It was so freeing to work with coloured pencils, chalk pastels and paints directly onto the paper. And then to be able to continue to add to each piece spontaneously until it was complete. So much faster and less physically demanding than carving blocks. And the results were fun. Bright, colourful and with lots of depth and texture. And with the added advantage of being able to hang without requiring framing.

In addition, I created paper birds using remnants of discarded prints, recycled paper and newly printed birds. These were all cut out and assembled and then hung so that they ascended from a box and flew throughout the gallery space, giving some relief from the two dimensional work. Things always have a way of growing as I get into them. So, what started out as just an old wooden box rescued from the dump and filled with branches and birds, soon became its own work of art with carved sides and a collaged interior. In the end I thought that old box got a pretty handsome new life. The timing of the show was really appropriate as we reach the end of winter darkness and look eagerly for signs of spring and new life, light and colour in our world. Installed, the show had an uplifting feel to it.

Now, I am working towards the next show. In May I am participating in a group show called 'Black is Gold' at Arts Underground,in Whitehorse. This will feature prints by members of the Press Gang, a printmaking collective.

Planning is also underway for the second annual Augusto! Children's Festival which will take place in Haines Junction, August 10, 11 & 12th. Be sure to visit the website at to learn more about this fun arts event for families with kids aged 0 - 12 years. This year we feature the incredible magician Sheldon Cassavant, a world class entertainer, as well as the amazing ventriloquist Kellie Haines and lots of other wonderful artists and entertainers. This is definitely an event to take in!

Once again, the local gallery will be opening in the hall of St. Christopher's log church in Haines Junction this summer. A great place to purchase locally made art and craft.

Monika Käete Steputh has a wonderful studio and gallery in her straw bale home. It features her deliciously earthy pottery as well as a variety of work and items by other artists. I love having my work hanging in her space as the mud walls create such an amazing environment for the black and white works on paper. Monika's space has a peaceful and healing atmosphere and it will leave any visitor feeling calm, refreshed and inspired.

And of course, I will have my studio and home gallery open for visitors. I am always glad to give people a glimpse into what I do tucked away in my studio all day.

Happy spring to you all. Now, go out and enjoy the sunshine!

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