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Finishing up 2016 and moving into 2017

Autumn flew by and here it is January already! Daylight is on the increasing side of solstice and the holiday season is behind us. Time to get going again with that sense of optimism and 'anything-is-possible-especially-getting-organized' feeling that I always have at the beginning of a new year. The starting anew opportunity is freeing and short lived, so best to take full advantage of it.

Monika and I wrapped up 2016 with the 'Allow yourself to breathe' exhibit in Whitehorse in October. My partner in art Monika Käte Steputh was a real trooper when I had an unexpected, extended stay in Kamloops. She took on the closing reception and air release solo and did a really fantastic job. Thank you to all who contributed air and thoughts and also to those who attended both the opening and closing parties. And a special thank you to Monika for all that she did before, throughout and after the show including dismantling it on her own!

In November I had the good fortune to be given the opportunity of a two week residency with the Kamloops Printmakers Society. What a wonderful experience that was! The members were all so welcoming and the facilities very professional. I can't even express how happy it made me feel to be surrounded by artists who spoke the printmaking language and could so easily share thoughts about techniques or extend an invitation to participate in an open house or a life drawing class. Life has a way of sending things just at a time when you really need them. From a great space with a printing press, to free linoleum and the use of ink and paper and all sorts of new art connections, things just fell into place. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to work in Kamloops again. I am also excited to see if I can get to the Kamloops 'Makers Space' and to try out the laser cutter.

Thank you to my sister Mary for making the connection for me, to Ila Crawford for considering the possibility and the Kamloops Printmakers for so openly and whole heartedly taking me in. I managed to pull off one large linocut while I was there. Inspired by a lovely walk in the grassy hills surrounding Kamloops. I love that country... the soft colours, the big old pine trees, the bent and gnarled sagebrush plants, the barbed wire fences and fence posts rotting and covered in moss after standing exposed to the elements for over 100 years and the dry heavily scented air.

I returned to the Yukon in

the midst of a long cold snap. That means crunchy walks, spectacular starry nights and excellent northern lights viewing as well as frost covered trees that sparkle when the sun hits them creating a beautiful sense of living in a fairyland.

Since returning I have managed to put together a few sewing projects for my family, play lots of scrabble, go for some beautiful cross country skis and get away to a cabin in the woods for a few days.

Now I have decided to finish up a whole lot of projects that have been sitting. Amongst them, sewing a dress and hand printing the front panel as well as using some of my handprinted fabrics in other sewing projects. I go to work! Best get going and make use of all of this new found energy!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and art filled 2017!

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