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Hanging the exhibition and breathing a huge sigh of relief!

Last week Monika Käte Steputh and I hung our show 'Allow yourself to breathe' at Arts Underground in Whitehorse. After months of preparing, it was fun to finally be at the installation stage and to put it all together in one space.

Monika's new pots gave her a challenge since switching her kiln from European to Canadian propane is not such a simple task. But, the

are exciting!

My work also provided me with challenges, since I wanted some of the pieces framed with recycled wood and my woodworking skills are basic. But, I persisted and the results are very pleasing. There is a certain amount of forgiveness in using rustic materials :)

Together we created two collaborative pieces...air bubbles...from both paper and clay. The time spent working on these was a lot of fun with plenty of laughter, exchanging of imaginative ideas and some hair colour.

The installation involved some really late nights and help from very supportive family and friends. And

once again the results are impressive! Together we have a pretty amazing artistic energy!

We both agree that we learned a lot from this show... I won't get into the details. But, the real trick will be to hang onto those lessons and apply them in the future.

So, here are some photos from the installation.

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