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June Already! Getting work out and about.

It's already June...I can't believe it. I am working so diligently to get work into some new venues.

at VIVFF Haines Junction

Monika Steputh and I set up some of our work for the Vancouver International Film Festival night in Haines Junction last month. It was brief, but as usual, we had fun working together to create an interesting experience within the designated space. And it was for local viewers which is fun.

I am excited to have become a member of Yukon Artists at Work (YA@W) an artist co-operative in Whitehorse. Each member has been juried in and is required to contribute shifts in the gallery as well as other volunteer hours at openings and whatever else needs doing. I am still working out exactly how to efficiently do my shifts, but am enjoying the experience completely. Whitehorse is a 160 km drive from Haines Junction so it is a significant commitment, both time wise and financially. The gallery is on 4th Avenue in the downtown core and gets a good variety of clientele. Locals come by and are very generous, interested and dedicated supporters. It is easy for tourists to find the gallery and they are always impressed with the quality and variety of work. Artists drop in from time to time for visits and to do this and that. It is a very busy little spot at times. A bright and cheery environment with inspiring and appealing art work and friendly people. If you make it to Whitehorse it is definitely worth a visit. I especially like the time talking art and the exchange of ideas and energy that happens there.

I also continue to be a member of Arts Underground, on Main Street in Whitehorse, run by the Yukon Arts Society. This is a wonderful spot for artists of all levels. There are a variety of art materials available for sale, gallery space that is accessible to a range of artists, friendly staff, a good selection of art and craft for purchase and studios where classes are offered. A really supportive organization.I am very appreciative of the opportunities that I have had to show in Arts Underground in the past.

This year, my friend Allyson Menzies has taken over the Dancing Moose Gift Shop in Dawson City, Yukon. She approached me a year or two ago about putting some work into her store. Allyson is full of energy and enthusiasm and is really trying to create an interesting business that supports local arts. I sent a bundle of trivets to her and some small prints. I am eager to support her in her business endeavour and anxious to get some interesting and new work up to Dawson City. I am also curious to see how it is received.

I can't believe how much work it is to keep up with printing, matting, framing, packaging, marketing and general organizational stuff. Never mind producing new work!

As well, I still have my own little gallery at home and am forever hopeful that I will offer some workshops and open studios. Life is busy!! Wonderful!! Happy!!

Meanwhile, the garden beckons, the snow is leaving the mountains, everywhere flowers are popping up and whispering to me " come draw us!".

This year everything is noticeably delayed compared from last spring. It seemed cold for so long, but suddenly everything is urgent and plants are growing like mad.

Activities are starting to pick up for the summer here. An Aboriginal Dance festival this weekend, Bluegrass festival next and the International Bike Relay June 17th, will have the town hopping. Canada Day brings a Canada 150 Art show at Parks Canada and a local art exhibition at the convention centre with guest artists from Haines, Alaska. The local Artists Guild is opening the summer gallery in the basement of St. Christopher's Church this weekend too.

In case things aren't busy enough I am on the planning committee of the first annual Augusto! Children's Festival to take place in Haines Junction on August 11th, 12th and 13th of this year. It will be an arts festival for kids up to 12 years old. Our feature performer is to be 'Flying Bob' and there will be a family dance, more performers and workshops in Art, Craft, Theatre, Judo and a whole lot of fun!!

Between planning and fundraising there is so much happening these days! I am beginning to feel a bit jittery just writing this!

It is a great time to visit the Yukon. And as Mark always says,"We take Canadian dollars at par"!!

Happy Spring and Summer to all

and be sure to get outside into the sunshine!

Happy creating,


I had some fun collaging my linocut bits onto gelatin mono prints

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