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'Allow yourself to breathe'

large prints hanging to dry. Not much room left in the studio these days!

Things are getting pretty busy in the Inky Fingers Studio these days. Monika Käete Steputh of Paint Mountain Pottery and I are getting excited about the artwork that is being produced for our upcoming exhibition at Arts Underground in Whitehorse, YT. 'Allow yourself to breathe' is a creative exploration of the air that we all breathe and share. We will have a variety of prints and ceramic pieces as well as some collaborative and interactive pieces. There is still lots to finish up, but it is starting to pull together nicely!

On Friday, October 7th from 5 - 7pm we will open the show with a tea party and boat folding. We are looking forward to having people breeze in to join us and create their own little boats to add to the show. 'Allow yourself to breathe' will hang throughout October. On October 28th from 5-7pm we will have a closing reception and air release party. This will be a time when people can participate in opening the bottles of air that we have been gathering from all over the world, and share in some intercontinental breathing :) We would love to have people contribute to our air collection!! At the air release we will be serving wine and snacks and we are still working on further details for the event. But, it will be FUN! Please join us.

some of the paper bottles I have made for the show :)

Sunny autumn days perfect for making paper bottles.

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