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Art is happening in Haines Junction!

Things are picking up on the art scene in Haines Junction, Yukon. This is the first year of the 'Junction Artists Residency' and hopefully the start of something really great! This year the residency is for a fashion artist and has gone to Jacqueline Van Kampen. She arrived in town about 2 weeks ago and has been busy meeting locals,taking in the beautiful environment and visiting with artists.

I had the opportunity to give Jacqueline a tour of my studio last week along with Elle and Heiko. It was a lot of fun sharing some of the ideas I have been working on and exchanging information on materials and methods. The timing has worked out perfectly, given that I have been working with printing on fabric and building clothing out of paper. Already Jacqueline and I have put our heads together on creating a bodice for a paper skirt that I have been working on. I am so excited to see what it turns out like!

Besides the 3 month residency, another component of the project is a weekend of fashion related workshops and a creators market. It should be a fun weekend with something for everyone!

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