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fabric fun!

Today I have been playing with printing on fabric. It seems like a natural progression for my work. I really enjoy creating images that can be expanded by repetition! That is the technique I have often used, for example on the pieces in 'Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Art'.

So, I took a workshop in May, through Maiwa Handprints in Vancouver and it opened up a whole new world to me! Things have been a bit busy since then and I am finally getting to try some of the stuff I learned. Fortunately, I dabbled with some dying in the early 90's and still have a few supplies on hand. Just enough to get me rolling, especially since the postal strike is looming!

Here are a couple of my first printing attempts. Today I am breaking out the procean mx dyes to add more colour. Mark and the boys have headed out to canoe and fish and I have a few hours to myself and my art!

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